I am Rivki, but my friend sometimes call me Ikki (e'ki). A Frontend Engineer who love simplicity, great performance in the good looking products that I made. Previously I am working at the most growing e-commerce company in Indonesia, Bukalapak.

My passionate is about web technology such as Javascript, Chrome Developer Tools, React, React Native, VueJS and many more. If you want to know more about me just say "Hi!" here.

Oct 2018 - Today
Frontend Tribe Lead
Bukalapak use Spotify Engineering Culture and on this position I focus to remove knowledge gap with other tribes and to keep my Tribe code quality is good.
Apr 2018 - Today
Frontend Engineer Squad Lead
As a lead i responsible to made my squad code quality better with code reviews and also handle for deployment my squad product to production with less bug.
Oct 2016 - Today
Frontend Engineer
In Bukalapak I focus built and maintenance at seller side but before transactions such as create productproduct list etc. I develop previously using jQuery and Coffescript, but now already use VueJS.
Jul 2015 - Sep 2015
Frontend Engineer Intern
I develop iOS ShoutCap App using Ionic Framework and create a Profile, Voucher, Transactions and Create a Cap Views.
Dec 2012 - Sep 2016
Unikom Codelabs Division
Fullstack Javascript
In Codelabs i do some reasearch for competition focus on Javascript technology and maintenance some internal websites.
October 2018
Component Library Bukalapak
Parallel with develop Seller Center, I and my team designing reuseable components from Seller Center. After that we move it to our internal npm registry to share with other engineer and now the project has been moved to Core Frontend.
March 2018
Seller Center Bukalapak
I lead the team to develop Seller Center Bukalapak. I make standard for the the code to make it clean and also develop the server and client. It used Nuxt.js, so the server side use NodeJS + ExpressJS and the client side use VueJS. This project is recreate features from legacy codebase to the new stack. I responsible for stability and maintainabilty the code.
January 2017
7 Pagi Dashboard
Create a dashboard for 7 Pagi  startup. I work in backend and frontend side and both of that used JavaScript. NodeJS and Express for backend and AngularJS for frontend also use azure hosting.
March 2016
I develop a marketing solution web apps for who runs the busniess in Twitter. I use sentiment analysis and machine learning for categorized the user based on their tweets and the web built with NodeJS for server side and AngularJS for the client. You can read detail about my research here.
March 2015
Dodo Kids Browser
I create an extension browser for our apps, and i do design too. Dodo Kids Browser is a parenting controlling apps. Which is have two frontend. First in Windows Phone, and second on extension browser.
May 2018
Facebook F8 Hakcathon Participation
I've invited by Facebook to become a participant F8 Hackathon in McEnery Convention Center, San Jose. There was three people in my team with one Backend, Frontend and Business Analyst. And of course the Frontend role is Me. We built an apps focus on helping a community you can check it here.
March 2017
Semi Finalist Microsoft Imagine Cup Indonesia 2017
I built a marketing solution apps in Twitter use sentiment analysis and categorized the user based on their tweets. With codename   Sellution  or Twikipedia.
May 2015
1st Winner Microsoft Imagine Cup Indonesia 2016
I built parenting control apps that integrate parent device and browser. Parent can see what are kids open in a browser and give an action to block a website if parent doesn't want the kid to open that website. And we win in Innovation Category. We won in first place in Indonesia  and get the chance to world semifinals.
April 2018
Nominator INAICTA 2014
We develop apps citizen journalism about crime. With codename Crimezone. My role in team as a Frontend and UX.